Our engagements most often begin with a Business Plan and Assessment the reviews the overall condition of a company and presents a pathway forward.

  • Independent evaluation of company’s business plans, financial forecasts, capital and liquidity requirements.
  • Evaluation of strategic alternatives that will maximize value and provide independent objective alternatives for key stakeholders.
  • Development and implementation of a specific courses of action including recapitalizations, business transitions, reorganizations and facilitate in the implementation and execution of agreed upon plans.


Constituents, in particular lenders and creditors rely upon Steeplechase to assess the liquidity and capital position of a company. We often find this comes as a result of a companies in ability to accurately forecast its business performance and cash position on a regular basis.

  • Development of short term cash flow and credit line availability analysis to assist companies in liquidity forecasting and cash management in the short, medium and long term to enhance the free cash flow of the company.
  • Highlight and evaluate the amount, type and cost of capital required for companies to execute on their business plans and align the need with the type of capital.


  • In many cases, stakeholders and boards conclude that they wish to pursue a transaction to maximize value for constituents and our range of services includes:
    Merger, acquisition and change of control (sale) advisory work including development of relevant marketing materials, buyer identification and transaction structuring
  • Steeplechase has acted as transaction advisor and has led and advised on the sale processes of public and private companies, many of which have been under the supervision of the US federal court.


  • In specific situations, we provide interim and permanent management to companies that are going through growth, transition, preparing the company for a liquidity event, business reorganization or the acquisition or divestiture of some components of its business.
  • We have worked with and represented multiple financial institutions including private equity funds, pension funds, hedge funds, asset-based lenders, cash flow lenders, bank syndicate groups, creditors and creditor committees representing their interests in corporate matters and business reorganizations.We have served in the role of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Financial Advisor of companies undergoing growth, transition including formal business reorganizations.
  • In many cases, we have partnered with management to fill a specific executive role during a time of corporate transition, growth, succession and reorganization and provided talent assessments of executives for compensation evaluations and succession planning purposes.